Caroline Werner is passionate about helping individuals manage their stress and feel satisfied in their work life and personal life.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, worried, or depressed? Do you feel unsatisfied in your relationships or your career? Is finding the proper balance between work life and personal life something you dream about?


Your Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant can help.

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Integrative Psychotherapy

Caroline L. Werner, JD, LCSW, SWC(c) is an integrative psychotherapist and Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant with 10 years of experience. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Werner provides one-on-one counseling for individuals on depression, anxiety, burnout, stress, relaxation, wellness, time/self management, substance use, ADHD, interpersonal relationships, work life/personal life balance, feelings about parenthood and parental leave from work, professional development, and success in school. Formerly a lawyer at one of New York’s largest law firms, she has a particular understanding of the stresses faced by employees and students, the need to work productively and efficiently, and the desire to have a balanced life.

In addition to psychodynamic psychotherapy, Ms. Werner incorporates Wellness, Mind/Body Medicine, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques in her work with clients, all of which are evidence-based practices. She takes a holistic approach and works with clients to achieve results as quickly as possible.


Stress Counseling

Stress comes from the body’s reactions to demands or stressors. These reactions can be physical (muscle tension, headaches, high blood pressure, or colds) and mental (feeling angry, frustrated, upset, distracted, or not in control). Stress causes fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, and leads to sickness, disability, and burnout if left untreated. Stress also ages us. In sum, stress makes us feel bad.

Short-term stress counseling will help you:

  • Feel better faster by learning skills and coping techniques you can immediately start using to manage your stress, anxiety, and frustration.
  • Increase personal satisfaction at work and home by learning what satisfies you as a unique individual and how to get those satisfiers into your life more frequently.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships by developing win-win communication techniques.


Stress Diagnostics

Discover your personal StressType through a 100 question diagnostic tool developed from applied research on tens of thousands of participants at the Canadian Institute of Stress. The questionnaire examines your ability to cope with stressors. Your results determine the appropriate “prescription” for your particular StressType.

Once your StressType and “prescription” have been determined, your stress consultant will help you take action to help you better manage your stress and feel younger.


Personal Wellness Plan

Your Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant partners with you to:

  • Understand what wellness is and what it means to you as a unique person
  • Recognize the obstacles that get in the way of achieving personal wellness aims and determine ways to overcome those obstacles
  • Find your motivation to achieve your wellness goals
  • Reduce stress by using energy efficiently, learning what satisfies you, and discovering ways to have those satisfiers in your life more frequently
  • Develop a plan of action in small, manageable, and achievable steps that build upon one another
  • Put your plan into action, appreciate and build on successes, while modifying the plan as necessary to overcome obstacles as they develop

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